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Spanco Bridge Cranes

Spanco Overhead Rail

  • Pre-engineered yet versatile
  • Self-supporting yet rigid
  • Seismic designed
  • Ergonomic benefits
  • High productivity
  • Modular
  • Relocatable
  • High resale value

  • A manually operated floor supported work area crane available with manual, electric, or air powered hoisting unit configured for your work area.
  • Spanco meets all the stringent requirements of the Uniform Building Code, Seismic Zone 4 which covers the most severe earthquake prone areas in the United States. The Spanco crane is designed to take whatever your application requires or nature imposes.
  • While others provide similar products, Spanco is the only true self-supporting crane system of its kind in the market today. You donít need any X-bracing, building tie backs or kickers for any configuration.
  • The Spanco crane is a complete system. You get the runway structure, runway rails, festoon electrification for the bridge and runway, the bridge, trolleys and even the bolts for the floor. Color is yellow for the bridges, runways and frames. Custom colors are available on special order.

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Workstation Free Standing Bridge Cranes image
Workstation Free Standing Bridge Cranes image

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