Installation for all Cranes and Hoists Available Upon Request

Remtron Industrial Radio Remote Control

1 Year Unconditional TX Warranty

Standard TX Labels Supplied

RX - 120 VAC Input Power

NEMA 12 Enclosure

No TXFR Switch on RX

6-Foot Pigtail

Standard AA Batteries

Accessories Available: Leather Holster, Plastic Pouch, Strap

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Remtron Industrial Crane Radio Remote Controls image

Motion/Speeds Application Spare Transmitter Item Number Price
3-Motion/1Speed Bridge Cranes & Gantry Cranes $481 25S08 $1,250
3-Motion/1-Speed Jib Crane Applications $481 25S09 $1,250
2-Motion /2-Speed Monorails $481 25S10 $1,350
3-Motion/2-Speed Bridge Cranes, 3 or 4 wire Hoists $545 25S11 $1,495
4 or 5 motion/2-Speed cranes, dual hoist control, A/B or both control $588 25S15 $1,665

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